April 2014

  • Workshop Highlight:

    Monday, March 31, 2014 & Thursday, April 3, 2014

    Fluency on the Fly: Create Video Clips for Math

    Learn how to use a Vado HD Pocket Video Cam and create math fluency practice for your students.

    This will include a discussion on math fluency and the CCLS & Shifts.  During this session, participants will learn all about the Vado Video Cam they will receive for use in their classrooms.  Participants will practice taking video clips and learn how to upload them so students and parents can access them from home or school.

    Ask Rebecca DeNeef, Renee Schott, or Jen Champlin about it!

    From Jen: "The workshop gave us a new way to help support implementation of the common core modules.  Plenty of time was provided so that we could learn how to use the cameras.  We also were able to create two videos that model how to correctly solve problems."

    From Rebecca: Here are some videos we made in the workshop... Copy the link below or  click on link at the far bottom of the page.