February 2015

  • Reminder for the upcoming Spring series of workshops...

    You must submit a registration form
    for EACH of the workshop you wish to attend.
    If you click more than one workshop "button", the Teacher Center will
    only receive the request for the last workshop "button" you clicked.

    Please remember to click the "SUBMIT" button each time.

    Once you register for a workshop,
    you will receive an email confirmation within 3 days.

    If you do not receive a confirmation notice
    within one week of registering,
    please email Mary Beall at
    or call the TRC office at 315-332-7272 and leave a message.

    Keep track of your workshop dates and times.
    The TRC will send an email reminder about a week
    before your workshop is scheduled to begin.

    If you cannot attend the workshop, you must contact the TRC.
    If notice is not given, you may be blocked from further workshops.